COVID-19 impacts every corner of the community. Working with partners throughout Santa Cruz County, we have developed a framework to safely move forward that protects residents, aligns with State public health authorities and the governor’s Resilience Roadmap, and is based on measurable objectives to increase community resiliency.

What is SAVE Lives Santa Cruz County?

Recognizing the challenge COVID-19 poses to the community, SAVE Lives Santa Cruz County is a partnership between the County of Santa Cruz and Community Foundation Santa Cruz County designed to facilitate a community-based plan for moving forward. It is based on four principles:

    Until a vaccine and human immunity are in place, we must use the tools we have to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect lives. These include:
    • Physical distancing measures
    • Expanding public health testing, case investigation, contact tracing and isolation and quarantine capabilities
    • Expanding healthcare capacity and PPE availability
    In order to continue offering services, we recognize changes are necessary to minimize harm. These include:
    • Modify physical distancing measures for businesses, schools, childcare facilities and community
    • Maintain and monitor testing, contact tracing and isolation and quarantine capacities
    • Maintain and monitor public health and healthcare capacities
    Once a vaccine is available, we must:
    • Develop a vaccination plan to coordinate equitable, risk-based distribution
    • Increase capacity for mass dispensing
    • Implement agreements with private and public partners to be dispensing sites
    • Ensure ability to develop and administer therapeutics to meet the demand
    COVID-19 will change the way we function as a community. Our task includes:
    • Elevating readiness for next public health emergency
    • Strengthening Public Health infrastructure and workforce
    • Evaluating and improving Public Health information systems


In order to meet State criteria and open up more sectors of our community, we must increase our resiliency to COVID-19. The State has established a number of conditions for counties to move beyond State rules and reopen limited sectors such as dine-in restaurants and shopping centers. Each of these indicators must be met in order for the County to receive a variance allowing the County and local businesses to move into later Stage 2 of the governor’s Resilience Roadmap.

  • With all indicators now met, Santa Cruz County is in the process of applying for a variance to move into full Stage 2 of the Resilience Roadmap.

Indicator Progress


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