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Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)

What is the Mental Health Services Act?

The passage of Prop 63 in Nov. 2004 created the Mental Health Services Act. The purpose of the Mental Health Services Act is to expand and improve mental health services and transform the mental health system. Santa Cruz County residents were requested to participate in the planning process. Based on the feedback from individuals, consumers of mental health services (and their family members), and all community stakeholders we developed a plan based on the needs of the community and the treatment methods known to be the most effective to achieve the best results.

Stakeholder Engagement

Community Meetings

Meeting Dates Agendas Minutes
1/13/20 Agenda  
12/9/19 Agenda  
10/15/19 Agenda  

Information Sheets

MHSA Approved Plans and Updates

MHSA Financial Reports

Web Resources

New Information

MHSA Stakeholder Kickoff 2020 Presentation

2020 Stakeholder Events Timeline

MHSA FY19-20 Annual Update

Presentations from 6/4/19 Community Stakeholder Meetings
Adult Behavioral Health Overview
Children's Behavioral Health Overview

Santa Cruz County Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan

The Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission is excited to announce the launch of the Commission’s new Transparency Data Dashboard. Data from the Transparency Suite will allow California counties, mental health consumers and their families, policymakers, advocates, lawmakers, and others to share knowledge that can potentially improve mental health outcomes for California residents in need of services.

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