Survivors of Suicide Loss

In recognition of International Survivors of Suicide Day, this year on November 20th, County Behavioral Health in conjunction with the Suicide Prevention Task Force (SPTF) is launching this website to provide information and resource links for those in our Santa Cruz Community who have experienced a loss by suicide. We recognize that the loss of a loved one through suicide can trigger many thoughts and emotions and our hope is that this website and other efforts in our community will help you know that you are not alone. 

LOSS Packet

County Behavioral Health has created a Loss Packet that can be picked up at County Behavioral Health Clinic (1400 Emeline Building K or 1430 Freedom Suite F) as well as at select branches of the Santa Cruz and Watsonville Public Libraries. We expect these packets to be available in January 2022.

You can access many of the LOSS Packet materials by clicking here: English   Spanish.

Additionally, we recognize that loss of a loved one to suicide may trigger your own thoughts of hopelessness and suicide. If this is true for you, please do not wait, use one of these resources immediately:


The Watsonville and Santa Cruz Public Libraries also have recommended readings and audio resources: