“By taking action at the local (and state) levels to prioritize safety in our policies and practices, we can create a new reality
in which everyone — those of us walking and driving, and those of us riding a bus or a bike —
feel safe and comfortable moving
about our communities."
Vision Zero Network




The Impact of
Traffic Violence
on Santa Cruz County

Street Story
Review traffic safety issues, safe areas to travel, and report your own stories

A New Approach
to Traffic Safety


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Do you have a Street Story to tell? If you've ever had a traffic crash, near-miss, incident, or want to report general hazards, check out this interactive community engagement tool. Street Story is a platform for communities to record their travel experiences, whether they are negative or positive. 

All records entered are publicly accessible via their website and can be visualized as downloadable maps or tables. 

Report your stories, incidents, or hazards here:

Want to learn more about Vision Zero? Read CTSC's work plan or visit the Vision Zero Network.