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Substance Use Disorder Commission (SUDC)

The Substance Use Disorder Commission (SUDC) purpose is to advise and report directly to the County Board of Supervisors and the County Alcohol and Drug Program administrator on the program's policies and goals, on any matters concerning the development, administration, funding and review of county programs and services, or any other related matters as required from County Code Chapter 2.84.020.

SUDC Meetings

Meetings are held at the times and locations specified in the schedule below. Locations wil be announced.

2020 Meeting and Provider Reporting Schedule

SUDC Commissioners

Two Commissioners from each supervisor district are appointed by the Board of Supervisors for four year terms.

Current members are:

  • 1st District: John Leopold
    Lee Smith, Vice Chair
    Jozee Roberto
  • 2nd District: Zach Friend
    Jackie Heath, Treasurer
    Robert J. Purley Jr.
  • 3rd District: Ryan Coonerty
    Colleen McMahon-Sepulveda, Chairperson
    Susie O'Hara
  • 4th District: Greg Caput
  • 5th District: Bruce McPherson
    Jim Anderson & Christine Berge