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Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP)


What is the Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP)?

CPSP is a statewide program that provides enhanced reimbursement for a wide range of culturally competent services to Medi-Cal eligible individuals who are pregnant and in the postpartum period.

History of CPSP

CPSP was developed from OB Access, a successful Medicaid pilot project operated in 13 California counties from 1979-1982 with the goals of improving pregnancy outcomes and access to care in underserved communities. 

Comprehensive services provided were shown to reduce the low-birth-weight rate by one-third and significantly reduced healthcare for costs for women and infants. 

The positive results prompted the State of California to approve legislation in 1984 authorizing a statewide program to deliver the same services provided by the OB Access project.

Goal of CPSP

To decrease the incidence of low-birth-weight births in Santa Cruz County, and improve the outcome for every pregnancy through enhanced perinatal care, thus giving every baby a healthy start.

What services are provided under CPSP?

Pregnant persons who are eligible for Medi-Cal can enroll in CPSP and will receive standard obstetric services as well as enhanced services in the areas of nutrition, psychosocial, and health education. Case coordination, perinatal and parenting education, community referrals, and vitamin/mineral supplements may also be provided.

The CPSP Philosophy of Care

  • Health care services are client-centered 
  • Client strengths are incorporated into the care plan 
  • A Multi-disciplinary approach is used to addresses each client’s individual needs
  • Each client’s choices and rights are honored and respected 
  • Services are based on protocols approved by nutrition, health education and psychosocial consultants 
  • Client participation is voluntary 

Where can I find a CPSP provider?

Who can enroll as a CPSP provider?

CPSP Providers must be Medi-Cal providers and have a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number registered and in good standing with Medi-Cal.
A variety of providers can offer CPSP-enhanced services, including: 

  • General and Family practice physicians and groups
  • Obstetrician/Gynecologists 
  • Pediatricians 
  • Certified Nurse Midwives 
  • Organized outpatient clinics

For information about becoming a CPSP provider call (831) 454-4339 or Toll Free (888) 598-0728

Perinatal Resources

  • Perinatal Resource Guide - A family health resource guide with various health-related services located throughout Santa Cruz County


Informational Brochure

For more information visit abuot CPSP visit:
Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program